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About us

Weexa was born in May 2020 from a merger between Eumatech (information flow management specialist founded in 2002) and EDI XPERTS (a data integration specialist founded in 2009)

B2B / EDI flow

Our consultants play an important part in operational consulting, project management, B2B flow integration and support. They know about every EDI standard in every sectors.


Our SAP EDI specialists have a cross knowledge of SAP modules. With IDOC skills, they are the interface between your EDI and SAP teams


With weexa group, increase the productivityprofitability and reliability of your applications thanks to Blockchain technology.


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Tech players team up on UK expansion

Tech players team up on UK expansion

An international specialist in digital transformation is eyeing the UK business services market after the acquisition of a B2B integration company. In a deal sealed in France, Weexa Group has acquired 30-year-old EDT to strengthen its support for customers keen to...

Grand Prize .VI.E Thaïland 2021

Discover the V.I.E (Volunteer for International Businesses) career of Maximilien LERAT, IT Manager at @Weexa.

La complicada logística de las vacunas contra la Covid 19

La complicada logística de las vacunas contra la Covid 19

Por lo menos 30 países en el mundo están actualmente llevando a cabo campañas masivas para vacunar a su población contra la Covid 19. Todo un reto a nivel logístico, sobretodo con la vacuna Pfizer que necesita conservarse a -70 grados centígrados. Un elemento esencial...