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Weexa history

Weexa is a leading group in the digital transformation market, resulting from the merger of the Eumatech and EDI XPERTS groups in 2020 and the acquisition of the EDT (Electronic Data Transfer) group in 2021. With its 33 years of experience and of its 175+ experts spread across 4 continents, the company specializes in the digitalization of B2B flows (EDI/EAI).

Beyond its core expertise, Weexa has expanded its activities by offering the integration of Supply Chain solutions such as WMS/TMS, data integration in SAP, as well as support and TPAM (third-party application maintenance) services. “nearshore” mode in different countries where the group is established.

From the start of 2022, the group is taking a close interest in the 2024 Finance Law which plans to make the tax dematerialization of invoices compulsory for all companies. This is not a new subject for Weexa since the group has already been offering services and solutions dedicated to the digitalization of invoices since its beginnings and through its various subsidiaries.

Finally, and thanks to its partnership policy, Weexa is completing its offer at the start of 2023 by positioning itself on themes linked to the blockchain, concerning its offer in digitalization of flows but also in supply chain integration.

With an international presence in 8 countries, Weexa supports its clients all over the world and covers the EMEA, APAC and NORAM/LATAM zones: France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Morocco and Mexico.

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Our values

At WEEXA, we believe that our core values are the foundation of our success. They guide our daily actions and decisions, enabling us to build a sustainable and high-performing company.


We celebrate the richness of backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives that make up our team. By fostering an open and inclusive environment, we can stimulate the innovation and creativity of our 180+ employees (spread across 8 different countries).


Collaboration is at the heart of our corporate culture. We encourage teamwork and open communication to leverage everyone’s talents and skills. Together, we can accomplish great things. We take pride in our inclusive environment, where women thrive in leadership roles, promoting a diverse and high-performing team. By uniting our strengths and sharing our knowledge, we can achieve remarkable results together.


We promote continuous learning, skill development, and product innovation, as demonstrated by the 15% of revenue invested annually in research and development. Additionally, by obtaining new standards such as GS1 or ISO 27001, we ensure that our services and products are of excellent quality. Finally, Weexa’s internal mobility program, with 17 rotations to date, fosters cross-functional expertise and employee engagement.


At Weexa, we maintain long-term partnerships with over 250 clients, including 30 major accounts. Our priority is to build trust and deliver exceptional service that stands the test of time. We believe that business success and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Our new energy-efficient offices reflect our commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint.

Our main actitivities​


Consulting, integration and support

Our consultants play an important part in operational consulting, project management, B2B flow integration and support. They know about every EDI standard in every sectors.

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Functional and technical expertise

Our SAP EDI specialists have a cross knowledge of SAP modules. With IDOC skills, they are the interface between your EDI and SAP teams.

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Digital Supply Chain

Consulting, integration and support

Our team supports you from assessment to full implementation.
Our solutions covers wide range of Supply chains solutions for all businesses

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Weexa, a human-centered, collaborative, and expert company, is committed to building a sustainable future by offering innovative solutions to its clients and supporting the growth of its employees.