A more transparent supply chain

In almost any industry, blockchain can enrich the supply chain by providing a reliable and secure way to share and track data in real time without going through a trusted third party.

Find out how IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply can make your supply chain more transparent, accountable and sustainable.

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With the Transparent Supply blockchain you can

Track the physical flow of goods

Track goods in real time for efficient management of your supply chain and greater visibility over the journey of your products from origin to final destination. Take advantage of automatic replenishment.

Manage sustainable supplies

Opt for a solution that offers the transparency, trust and security needed to demonstrate a responsible supply chain, and that documents proof of the initial ethical production of a raw material, as well as its maintenance at each stage of transfer, from mine to end manufacturer.

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Optimising your sales and controlling costs

A transparent supply chain reduces the costs associated with resolving disputes, product recalls, compliance and document management. It allows you to improve predictions and forecasts thanks to real-time data, and dynamically optimise stocks.



Empower your buyers to develop your market

Involve and empower buyers in innovative ways while building trust in your brand by showing how a product is made and demonstrating your commitment to ethical and sustainable production.

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Case studies

IBM Blockchain
Transparent Supply

Our IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply  partner solution enables businesses to design their own blockchain-based environment to manage their supply chains more effectively with a future-proof, tamper-proof traceability solution.

Supply Chain
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Establish transparency 

The platform provides targeted transparency on consumer goods across the different links in the supply chain, enabling analysis by company, location, product, movement and condition.

With a supply chain traceability solution, you guarantee inalterability through a distributed and shared register, improving the reliability and efficiency of your transactions with your supply chain partners.

Two types of blockchain

Blockchain is a secured, decentralised information storage and transmission technology. It works like a public digital register in which data is recorded in the form of “blocks” linked together chronologically. Each block contains information and a reference to the previous block, forming a continuous chain of data.

Publique Blockchain

Une blockchain publique est, comme son nom l’indique, ouverte à quiconque souhaite y participer. Elle est généralement décentralisée, ce qui signifie qu’elle est gérée par un grand nombre de participants, souvent anonymes, à travers le monde. Les données stockées sur une blockchain publique sont visibles par tous, et les transactions sont vérifiables par n’importe qui.

Private Blockchain

A private blockchain is restricted to a limited group of participants or specific entities. It is centralised to a certain extent, as its control is based on a defined set of validation nodes. The data stored on a private blockchain can be restricted in terms of access, offering a higher level of confidentiality.

The infallible security of
de la private blockchain

The blockchain system remains tamper-proof, and to further enhance security, opt for the use of a private blockchain.

Unlike a public blockchain that is accessible to everyone, a private blockchain restricts access to authorised participants only. This guarantees an extra level of confidentiality and control, making it a particularly suitable option for businesses and organisations that want to protect their sensitive data and control access to it.

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Some areas of direct application of blockchain


Oil and gas



Supply chain


Networks based on
Transparent Supply


IBM Food Trust

More than 200 companies in the food ecosystem share data and trace the journey of food through the value chain.


Atea’s Seafood Provenance Network

This blockchain network improves transparency, sustainability and food integrity for the seafood industry.



This industry-wide collaboration will ensure the safety and efficacy of temperature-controlled medicines with end-to-end traceability throughout the cold chain.

Farmer Connect

Designed for the coffee industry, this blockchain platform connects farmers to consumers and vice versa, in a way that creates shared value and transforms the industry.

IBM Food Trust

IBM Food Trust  is a modular blockchain solution that enables all network participants to benefit from a safer, smarter and more sustainable food ecosystem, increasing transparency and accountability within the food supply chain.

The solution connects participants through an authorised, immutable and shared record of food origin, transaction data, processing information, and many more details.

Increased brand

Strengthen your reputation for safety and quality with a traceability system.

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Assurance of

Assurez la sécurité et la conformité réglementaire tout en prévenant les rappels de produits.

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Increase awareness of sustainability opportunities and practices at all stages of the food chain manufacturing processes.

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Enhanced safety

Monitor and trace food products within the logistics network to accurately assess their remaining shelf life.

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Prevent fraud

Traceability records make your supply chains more resistant to fraud and errors with complete end-to-end traceability.

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Reduction of

Essential data enables better tracking of wasted and recovered food, while reducing areas at risk of waste.

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