Mastery of digital services is going to become a key competency for organizations to grow their business and build sustainable competitive advantage in the years ahead.

The merger of Eumatech and EDI Xperts has produced Weexa, a pure player in B2B data flow integration.

In a fragmented market where the big names in IT integration barely feature, digitalizing data flows is becoming increasingly relevant professionally, as an increasing number of business procedures go digital.

Weexa is involved in the entire value chain and plays an important part in operational consulting, project management, B2B flow integration and support. The firm has thus forged strong partnerships over the last 20 years with top software editors.

This range of experience allows Weexa to do business with vertical markets like retail, automotive, health, logistics and transport.

“We are very versatile – we can integrate different solutions which digitalize tens of thousands of daily exchanges at the same time for large companies. But we can also set up B2B portals using SaaS (Software as a service) for SMEs managing relatively small volumes”, said Malik Touimi Benjelloun, Weexa Chief Marketing & Comms Officer.

International coverage and buoyant organic growth

Weexa has numerous international clients, largely due to its overseas offices in France, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Morocco, UK, Japan and Thailand.  These international sites mean Weexa can easily cover the EMEA and APAC regions, and occasionally get involved with a project in North America, where an office is planned in the near future.

The firm plans to devote the last quarter of 2020 and the whole of 2021 to building its business and consolidating its market leadership. “We predict strong organic growth and we may also turn to niche acquisitions. We’re currently the only specialist outfit managing end-to-end B2B data flow integration which gives us a significative competitive edge”, added Jérôme Fleury, Weexa CEO.

Backed by 90-plus employees, Weexa offers clients a full gamut of expertise. The firm came about from a merger between EDI Xperts (a data integration specialist founded in 2009 by Pablo Cardoso and Tan Nguyen) and Eumatech (information flow management specialist founded in 2002 by Jérôme Fleury, Laurent Leboisne and Malik Touimi Benjelloun).


An international specialist in digital transformation is eyeing the UK business services market after the acquisition of a B2B integration company. In a deal sealed in France, Weexa Group has acquired 30-year-old EDT to strengthen its support for customers keen to enhance the efficiency of their back-office systems.

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