With over 30 years of experience, EDT has become, a prestigious and reputable Partner across
Europe, in the EDI (Electronic Data Exchanges) and electronic invoice market.
With a portfolio that comprises of solutions that integrate into business back office systems and
services that enable companies to outsource their B2B and B2C EDI transfers, EDT perfectly
complements the Weexa Group’s operational consulting, management, integration,
digitalization and support services.

Emergence of an important alliance in a buoyant market

For over 30 years technological advancements and the digitalization of B2B and B2C data flows has not
stopped evolving. Involving companies and organisations of all sizes, including governmental and public
sector bodies.

The Weexa Group currently employs more than 100 people on 3 continents and in 8 countries, covering
EMEA and APAC. An American presence is also planned before the end of 2021, which will allow the
Weexa group  to meet the demands of its customers across the American continent but to offer
comprehensive and 24/7 support, or as we know it, “follow the sun” support.

By acquiring EDT, the Weexa group  will have more than 150 employees, hosting infrastructures and a
24/365 support team dedicated to enhance the efficiency of EDI and e-invoice applications. With such
a robust and reliable capability, the group will be able to respond to requirements/calls for tenders and
consultations in the same way as the major players present on this market.

Within the Weexa Group, EDT retains its identity, its brand, its autonomy, its fifty employees and
strategic partnership agreements with the two world leaders in the sector, IBM and OpenText. In
parallel with this extension of its offer, the Weexa Group  continues its geographical development, thus
offering EDT  the opportunity to support its customers worldwide.

A Shared vision of the market based on competence and proximity

Between the Weexa  Group and EDT, a relationship of trust is paramount and has been forged since the initial meeting, based on a similar vision of the market and its prospects, as well as the means necessary to achieve common and ambitious objectives.The exceptional loyalty of customers to both companies is based on the proximity, quality and reliability of the services provided for these critical supply chain applications.

« It has often been said that EDI is outdated, when in fact there is still a lot to be done in this area. We see an increase in flows of 10-12% each year. The market is both sustainable and buoyant. This merger with the WEEXA group is a great opportunity for our company to accelerate and grow in its markets, (across Europe) in France and abroad. The complementarity of our offers now positions us as an important player in B2B, B2C and B2G flows, in all sectors of activity ».

« By integrating EDT into our group, we are strengthening our expertise in EDI with new types ofservices and new partners, in sectors that we did not address very much. This new subsidiary will allow us to address all the problems of the market, in an ever more structured and relevant way. With EDT, we cover the entire spectrum of the digitalization of BtoB streams » ,