Weexa Ensures a Stress-Free Christmas Preparation as Festive Trading Flows!

The shifting landscape of consumer behaviour is directly influencing the volume of B2B trading flows. For some, the Christmas rush is already underway, influenced by factors such as inflation and a desire to save. A staggering 68% of individuals have initiated their Christmas shopping earlier, resulting in a significant uptick in both B2B and B2C flow volumes. Just as gifts pour in during the festive period, companies also contend with a substantial increase in data exchanges.

Discover how Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), synonymous with the digitalisation of B2B flows, can assist in navigating this bustling season.

Why opt for the digitalisation of B2B flows?

EDI facilitates instantaneous and secure communication between business partners, streamlining the management of orders, invoices, and deliveries with speed, efficiency, and security.

Fast Transactions: EDI enables prompt data exchange, accelerating the processing of orders.
Error Reduction: Automation diminishes human error, ensuring precise transactions.
Real-time Tracking: Companies can monitor order status in real-time, enhancing operational visibility.

Managing “peak period” flows:

Similar to the enchantment of Santa Claus delivering presents worldwide in less than 24 hours, the digitisation of B2B flows empowers the processing of a substantial volume of transactions in record time. Weexa assists you in efficiently managing your B2B flows during all seasonal peak periods.

Weexa provides 24/7 support, 365 days a year, ensuring you can navigate these crucial periods for your business. With a global presence spanning four continents, Weexa offers companies a comprehensive solution to harmonise operations on an international scale. Leveraging multi-business expertise, Weexa excels in managing flows specific to each sector of activity.

Lighten Santa’s workload by opting for a dedicated, fully integrated service for the management of your B2B flows at www.weexa.com


An international specialist in digital transformation is eyeing the UK business services market after the acquisition of a B2B integration company. In a deal sealed in France, Weexa Group has acquired 30-year-old EDT to strengthen its support for customers keen to enhance the efficiency of their back-office systems.

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