Testimonial – Florian Compe

My name is Florian Compe and I am taking care of WEEXA activities in Thailand for 1 year.

My background is Supply Chain and manufacturing IT solutions oriented fully on business implementation.
I am currently in the process of learning of activities that I am not comfortable with yet, and developing WEEXA position in Thailand, APAC region and beyond.

Spending time on webinars, seminars, mentorship, reading, searching, networking, discussing with a large variety of people to understand the best practices and ideas to apply into our organization. I am feeding myself with the positivity and solutions I bring to my team, my colleagues and my clients.

On a personal side, I have lived in Thailand since 2011 and I am very happy to be here. I spent all of my free time with my family around some activities such as playing, anything where there is a challenge (Sports, board games).

I would be very happy and enthusiastic to discuss Thailand spirit and share with you your point of view. We can learn from everywhere and everyone. Do not hesitate to contact me !