Testimonial – Célia Tramis

My name is Célia TRAMIS, I’ve joined Weexa since August 17th, 2015. Currently based Weexa Paris, I am working with different Weexa team around the world (Morocco, Thaïland, Mexico, Paris).

I’ve started as EDI Support Specialist within EDI Business Unit and I directly integrated Danone Project team. I was lucky to have as mentors Laurent Leboisne and Julien Fleury during my rump up period and to grow quickly with Danone team 

The life is full of openings and our project with Danone gave me the opportunity to have a diverse carrier as an external provider to go through several very interesting stages: EDI Coordinator, EDI PMO, GTI (Global Technical Infrastructure) coordinator in charge of coordination within the technical department of the application integration projects, GTI PMO and for a few months, I manage the global projects portfolio and presented it to the Danone CTO. Last but not least, since November 2021, I took in charge a new activity as Service Delivery manager of the Plastic Omnium Support team and in January 2022, I started as a Project Manager for the new account Sonepar. My favourite area is to coach on daily basis 21 Weexa beautiful souls who work with me on the different accounts. They are committed, serious and fun, they help me to surpass myself and improve me professionally and humanly. And I hope to see them grow and blossom within our Group.