Testimonial – Anne Guillot

I am Anne Guillot, Supply Chain Business Unit Manager @WEEXA Morocco. I am based in Casablanca, Morocco where I enjoy running near the see and doing crossfit when I am not sharing good moments with my three daughters.

I am French and born in France. I did all my studies in Paris and then I decided to escape the Parisian weather in 2005 to live here in Morocco.

In 2008, the adventure started at Eumatech. We signed major partnerships with French WMS and TMS editors in order to contribute to the growth of efficiency of logistic in Morocco where we have equipped major transport&logistics providers and large industrial companies.

Since 2017, the European market is asking for our nearshore services. The demand has grown up and has been emphasised during pandemic crises regarding the fact that everybody was working on remote.

We have recently integrated WMS in Europe for the account of logistics providers such as FM Logistics and Khuenes and Nagel in collaboration with Rachid El Meskine and Sarah Bannani. Nabil El Fadil Bakhadda has joined Weexa France in order to reinforce our presence in European market.